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Project Engineer

Terms of Reference


As a part of the World Bank’s assistance to the Government of Albania, a Water Sector Investment Project WSIP was approved in December 2013. This project has as main objectives to (i) improve the quality of water and wastewater services in the Durres Water Utility Service Areas; and to (ii) improve the financial performance of Durres Water Utility. 

The majority of Albania’s water utilities are currently unable to cover their operating costs due to a combination of factors, including high operating costs, low metering, low bill collection rates, and high levels of nonrevenue water. While average reported utility collection rates nationally stand at 84%, collection rates in Durres were as low as 60% in 2010 and 69% in 2011. Overstaffing at Durres Water Utility is also a major challenge, with 7.3 staff per 1,000 water/sewerage connection compared to an EU benchmark of 2 staff per 1,000 connections. The utility had a Financial Working Ratio of 1.69 against an EU benchmark of 0.50. The chronic lack of resources has forced the Durres utility like several others, to defer costs of infrastructure maintenance, ultimately contributing to accelerated deterioration and premature breakdown of assets. Only 45% of the household connections nationally, and 50% in Durres are metered, which generally encourages wastage, overconsumption and lack of accountability for water resource usage. Low metering levels undermine billing and collection efficiency, as many households refuse to pay when billed against the norm rather than for actual water consumed.

The project will finance priority water supply investments, including, six water production wells and a bulk water transmission line that will provide up to 640l/s additional supply capacity to address the acute water shortages experiences in the Durres Water Supply Service Area; ancillary investments linking settlements in the Durres service to the bulk transmission pipeline and priority investments in the water distribution network in Durres. In addition the project will finance priority wastewater investments aimed at enhancing the existing sewerage network’s capacity to handle the increased water supply.

The project is implemented by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI), which has the delegated powers to act as the Implementing Agency. The Project Implementation Unit (PIU), charged of the day to day implementation of the project, is under MTI structure.

Objective of consultancy


1.     Project Engineer –job description

The project engineer will be a civil engineer with minimum seven years of experience in the area of civil engineering. He/she will have demonstrated capacity in engineering design and/or water or sewerage utility operations as well good ability in the English language. His/her main function will be to ensure the technical project documents are prepared promptly and in accordance with best practices and highest professional standards, and project works are carried out in accordance with the technical requirements of the projects and the construction implementation progress is satisfactory. He/she will report directly to the director of the Water PIU.

The tasks of the PE includes but are not limited to the following


·        Assist PIU Director and Durres Water Utility in preparing Terms of References for Consultancy Services and technical specifications required to successfully implement the project, review and comment draft reports,  feasibility studies and detailed designs prepared by the consultants and share them with DWU and PIU Staff.

·        Be responsible for all technical approval steps of the detailed designs including DWU technical Council, GDWS Technical Council, together with DWU staff prepare the application for technical appraisal from construction institute

·        Together with DWU and PIU staff prepare the application file for development permits of the works under the Project.

·        Assist DWU on preparation of customer survey database and report to PIU Director

·        Monitor closely performance indicators of the project and report to PIU director. Support the preparation of the Project Reports..

·        Work closely with DWU Technical staff and review and assist in the development of proposals to reduce water losses along main transmission and distribution network, increase metering level in the utility, and other activities of the project pertaining to the overall optimization of the water network.

·        Work closely with DWU to prepare technical proposal to improve sewerage network service. Familiarize him with the sewerage scheme, identify areas of improvement, especially in the aspect of separation of waste water from the storm water.

·        Support the PIU and Project Site Engineer in the supervision of works, goods and services under the Project.

·        Other technical activities necessary for the successful implementation of the Project, as directed by the PIU director.




·        Have a relevant university education in civil or water engineering.

·        Experience in design, monitor ,supervise of the water supply systems water supply system (min 7 years), working experience in the WB financed project or other international organizations it is a preferable

·        Knowledge of AutoCAD program.

·        Have good knowledge of English and be able to communicate (oral and written) fluently

·        Good computer literacy and functional ability in processing of water modeling softwares like Water Cad, Epanet etc. Good knowledge on Autocad and Office programs

·        Sound and good knowledge of Government rules and legal requirements in Albania in related to development permit, design standards and supervision .


The Project Engineer will report to PIU Director


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